Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - There are several different Canadian immigration programs, each with its own criteria, including: ? Federal Skilled Workers Program ? Federal Skilled Trades Program ? Provincial Nominees Program ? Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers Program ? Family Sponsorship Program ? Live-in Caregivers Program

A Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Visa allows an immigrant to live, work and study in Canada long-term and grants them special rights and privileges in Canada, yet, allows them to remain a citizen of their home country. They receive health care and most social benefits just like a Canadian citizen. A permanent resident is not allowed, however, to vote or run for political office, and cannot work in a job requiring a high-level security clearance. In order to keep permanent residency, you are required to live in Canada for at least 730 days over a five-year period. If you commit a serious crime, you risk the chance of being deported and losing permanent residency. One very important additional benefit is that after living in Canada with a permanent resident visa for only four years in the past six years and meeting other criteria, an immigrant has an opportunity to apply for Canadian citizenship!