Study In Canada

Canada is home to one of the best school systems in the world.

Canada has increasingly become a destination that attracts international students, especially in the last years. Having prestigious universities, vivid student cities and well-organized lifestyle, Canada turned into a country with high demands and a high reputation. Canada has 26 universities listed among the best academic institutions worldwide according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

The number of international students in Canada is over 300,000, a figure that is constantly growing. If you have gained admission to a Canadian educational institution, you may be able to obtain a study permit to study in Canada. Not only that, but education is also a popular pathway to Canadian permanent residence. Read on to learn more.

Other benefits to studying in Canada

While studying in Canada, international students in Canada may also:
  • work for up to 20 hours per week while in school, and on a full-time basis during school breaks;
  • obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit for the equivalent duration of the studies once the program is successfully completed, allowing students to remain in Canada for many years before becoming a permanent resident;
  • bring an accompanying spouse or common-law partner to Canada on an open full-time work permit, allowing him or her to work for any employer;
  • bring accompanying minor children to study in Canada at the same rate that Canadians pay; and
  • as mentioned above, become eligible for Canadian permanent residence, either through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), through Quebec's immigration system, or through the Express Entry immigration selection system.

University tuition fees in Canada

Tuition fees in Canadian universities are a bit demanding, but lower than those from countries such as the United Kingdom, the USA or Australia. University fees may vary yearly, as you will notice differences depending on the city or degree programme. Newfoundland universities for instance, have the lowest tuition fees, while Ontario is the most expensive area.

Most affordable universities in Canada

Check the list of Canadian universities with the most affordable tuition fees:

  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland; average tuition fees 1,700 CAD/year.
  2. Simon Fraser University; average tuition fees 6,400 CAD/year.
  3. University of Saskatchewan; average tuition fees 7,000 CAD/year.
  4. Athabasca University; average tuition fees 5,000 CAD/year.

Tuition fees at top-ranked universities

Here is a list of average tuition fees at the top ranked Canadian universities:

  1. University of Toronto; average tuition fees 38,000 CAD/year.
  2. University of British Columbia; average tuition fees 8,500-9,000 CAD/year.
  3. McGill University; average tuition fees 8,000 CAD/year
  4. University of Montreal; average tuition fees 10,000 CAD/year.

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