How to Find Jobs in Canada

Seeking Canadian Employment
If you are issued a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa, you will have a legal right to live, work and study long-term in Canada.

Other ways of coming to Canada to work include applying for and obtaining a work permit which may be facilitated by an employer through LMIA, an open work permit application, or a post-graduation work permit for students who have completed their education in a Canadian postsecondary institution

Some methods that many people use to look for jobs in Canada include:

  • using online job search engines (Canada's Job Bank is an excellent resource)
  • checking Canadian job openings posted on news websites for various cities in Canada
  • applying for a job in Canada on a company‚Äôs website
  • sending a resume/CV to a business via email
  • utilizing LinkedIn or other social media to network for jobs in Canada
  • networking with family, friends or others who may know of a Canadian job opening
  • getting help from Canadian government employment agencies
  • receiving assistance from private organizations that help people find jobs in Canada, Like Think Canada

Your occupation, English and/or French language skills and other important factors are taken into consideration by our Immigration Consultants when they evaluate your eligibility to apply for a work permit in Canada

To find out if you are eligible to work in Canada permanently, fill out a free online assessment form.